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Velcro Mounting System

Velcro Mounting System


The Velcro Mounting System was designed to secure any of our standard OWB kydex holsters, (right-handed or left) to a variety of different locations. Originally designed to be deployed on a Vertx Transit or Commuter Sling, however it can be used to mount our holsters and gear securely in a vehicle, under a desk, on a workbench, or anywhere you can think of!

Unlike others on the market, with recessed attachment points allowing the head of the screw to be recessed leaving a perfectly flat surface. This also allows for a small amount of extra spacing between the mount and holster, with the use of rubber spacers. 45 Degree corners on the upper half of the mount give this system a clean draw without hitting your fingers. Designed with super strong commercial strength Velcro.

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