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The Spectre MKIII – Blending Bond Aesthetics and Modern EDC Expectations

Bringing Bond’s aesthetics to life while refusing to compromise on functionality is a huge basis of what Commando Bond means to me. After carrying Bond’s Vega IB333 for a number of years, authentically testing Bond’s equipment, I decided to bring something new to the table – the Spectre MKIII.

Revisiting the Vega IB333

On the whole, I really do love the Vega IB333. As far as suede pancake holsters go, it is a solid and stunning piece of equipment, and for what one should expect from something with no real retention and a large plastic clip. I honestly enjoyed carrying with it for a couple of years, but was fully aware of the shortcomings from the word go. I wrote a piece discussing my thoughts well before the Spectre MKIII was even on the table as a possibility. My one year review of SPECTRE’s Vega IB333 discusses the highs and lows of the holster at length. My favorite part of this holster is undoubtedly the aesthetics. The shape, muted khaki suede, double stitch, and contrasting black clip all look perfectly 00, and it’s little wonder why the Italian holster firm has been on screen since 2006’s Casino Royale. While I certainly don’t recommend carrying a loaded P99 at the 4 o’clock position in tie waist linen trousers while scaling a construction site, hunting a bomb maker, it is undeniable that the form of the holster pairs perfectly with Bond. It’s the first half of that statement that helped bring the Spectre MKIII holster to life. Bond’s aesthetics are unmatched, particularly when paired with a Walther, but what about function? Form and function together make the most exciting pieces, items where you don’t compromise positive retention or a better concealing clip for screen accuracy, but while still retaining the most important details of the original, those are what captivate me. Thanks to these thoughts, and a long-time relationship with the people behind TH Holsters, the Spectre MKIII came to life.

About the Spectre MKIII

The final iteration of the Commando Bond x TH Holsters Spectre MKIII.

The Spectre MKIII is an exclusive collaboration between myself and my friends over at TH Holsters.This holster combines the aesthetics of Bond’s favored pancake suede holster, the Vega IB333, and modern functionality. Note the shape of the shell, with its flat-top and rounded end, connected with a sloping edge and double stitch. Painstakingly, these details were reimagined around a custom kydex shell, exclusively designed for this project. This shell is then hand-wrapped in beautiful suede leather, no easy feat as kydex is not exactly adhesive friendly, and then finished with that double stitch. Note also the adjustable tension screw, which allows for the user to adjust the level of pressure placed upon the Walther PPK. We molded the shell around a .380 Smith & Wesson production PPK intentionally, as it has the least amount of material removed from the nose profile (the Pre-War/Post War models feature much more dramatic noses of varying designs). By using the S&W PPK as a template, any PPK or PPK/S handgun, in either .380 or 7,65mm, can be comfortably carried in the holster with a slight adjustment to the tension screw. In addition, because every subtle detail matters, this holster also features a tuckable & cantable Walther branded DCC clip, a quiet little nod to the company who has brought us our favorite sidearm for nearly 100 years. As noted, the Discreet Carry Concepts clip allows the user to tuck in a shirt around the clip, allowing for carry at the appendix position while wearing a tucked in shirt. I find dark trousers and patterned shirts to do the best work at concealing both the print of the firearm and the contrast of the clip, which can be worn entirely behind the belt as well.

Because of the heavy labor involved in building a bespoke holster like this, the Spectre MKIII does command a higher price point than a standard kydex holster. To that end, TH Holsters also offers a “Bare Bones” variant, which is the kydex shell without the addition of the leather, which rings in at a more budget friendly price point. I personally love the aesthetics of the shell on its own as well, and often find it to pair best with my stainless steel new production Walther PPK, something about the contrast just looks proper to me. At the end of the day, this is a project that was put together by a couple of friends and fans, with the goal of staying true to Bond’s elevated aesthetic choices, while refusing to compromise on modern expectations of what EDC holsters should be. The Walther PPK is a legacy firearm, but that doesn’t mean its story is over – far from it in fact. Rather, with this holster, we hope to do our part in keeping this storied tool in the conversation of functional daily carry tools. Whether you reach for your PPK on a daily basis, or perhaps just on Sunday morning when going to church, I hope the Spectre MKIII can be there to help keep you secure, and to ensure you return back in one piece. I want to thank everyone who has made this holster a resounding success since our launch in October 2022. It’s been so humbling to see this holster carried in an array of countries and continents by those looking to defend themselves. Thank you for all of the incredible images, stories, and support. So very eager to continue the proliferation of these holsters around the world, and into capable hands. Cheers! Caleb Get your Spectre MKIII and elevate your EDC today.

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