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Walther PPK /PPK/s IWB - Spectre MKIII
  • Walther PPK /PPK/s IWB - Spectre MKIII

    SKU: IWB-007

    If this holster is in stock, it is ready to ship, no lead time!

    This is a specialty holster.

    Will fit PPK and PPK/S.

    HOLSTER FEATURES: Walther branded DCC - Mod 4 - 1.5" (may use standard DCC clip depending on the availability of clips from Walther)

    0.08" Kydex

    3-4oz sueded wrapped

    Adjustable retention

    Adjustable ride height and cant



    See the message below from my friend Commando Bond:


    I’m so excited to finally be sharing this passion project with you, after months of testing and adjusting - the holster is finally here.The Spectre MKIII is an exclusive collaboration between myself and my friends over at TH Holsters.This holster combines the aesthetics of Bond’s favored pancake suede holster, the Vega IB333, and modern functionality.This is a handmade, kydex holster, beautifully wrapped in suede leather. Modern retention, with an adjustment screw, but with the aesthetics of our favorite 00 agent in mind.This holster also features a tuckable & cantable Walther branded DCC clip, and a deeper cut than the Vega, allowing for superior grip and access to the firearm.The blending of form and function.

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